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Being Seen To Be Green: March Make, Bake & Reuse Week 1: Bake: Chocolate & Red Wine Cake

There isn't anything strictly green about this cake recipe, but if like me you just fancy a little drop of red wine now and again but worry about wasting the rest of the bottle, then here is a great use for leftover red wine...its quite hard to explain the taste but it is wonderful and will certainly keep your guests guessing!

Ingredients: 330g Dark Chocolate 250g Butter 250g Caster Sugar 100ml Red Wine 6 eggs 350g Plain Flour 3 tsp Baking Powder

Oven to 160

1. Break up the chocolate and add to a bowl with butter and sugar over hot water, stirring until completely melted then cool. 2. Stir in the red wine and eggs. Mix the flour & baking powder then sieve it into the liquid mix and stir until smooth. 3. Spread the mixture in the tin and cook for approx 60 minutes at 160. This cake is quite dense in texture and can be enjoyed warm with custard or mascarpone cream or cold with a cup of tea.

Try it for yourselves and see, then let us see your pictures!

Happy cooking,

Angela & Rebecca x

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