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BSTBG: March Week 2

Make: Easter Egg Box Wreaths

This project is a wonderful way to spend the day crafting with the kids – of any age. It’s also a great reminder that beautiful craft supplies can be found in the trash and the recycling bin. Don’t throw out those egg cartons!

1 egg carton selection of acrylic paints paint brush scissors hot glue gun large embroidery hoop string beads and pom poms

Begin by deconstructing the egg carton. Each little egg holder

will become a flower. Cut shapes as you like…some pointy flowers, some rounded flowers, short and long petals. Keep all the little scrap pieces, they will become the leaves and the flower centres. Once the flowers are cut, it is time to paint the flowers. Paint the little leaves too. When everything is dry, it’s time to add some sparkle and whimsy to the flowers. Use the hot glue gun to adhere the beads, pom poms and little bits of painted egg cartons inside the flowers. Finally, assemble the wreath. Choose whatever design you like. We opted to bunch our flowers on the bottom of the wreath. So, we began by gluing the leaves in place – to mark where we wanted our flowers to end. You could take the flowers all the way around the embroidery hoop if you like. Finish the wreath by gluing the little leaves in place. Tuck and glue them into any little holes…they will peek through nicely.

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