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Community Quilt Project - Join us now!

Sewing is proven to promote well being,

maintain manual dexterity and be a calming pastime, so we thought...lets make a YCA community quilt to raffle later in the year

and we would like you to join in!

You can design your own square and the theme is the YCA Community. This could be

a building you meet in, a pastime you share, a colourful blockwork pattern reflecting your feelings, anything you choose.

How to Join In

We invite all members to buy one of our mail order project packs which includes instructions, a fabric base square (approx 30 cm x 30cm), a small amount of co-ordinating fabrics for use in your design but you can also add your own. You can applique, embroider or blockwork. Please no embellishments like buttons or sew on flowers. The basic pack costs £4.50 including postage. Please send your payment to Central Office and your pack will be sent to you.

Lets all join in, the more the merrier. In the event that we have a surplus of squares we will create another quilt to raffle. All members will be able to purchase raffle tickets. If any of our members would like to sew together the final quilt we would be very grateful of offers!

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