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Being Seen To Be Green: Week 2, MAKE

Tin Flower Pots

So unless you have a fully stocked craft room then we are having to be resourceful with this weeks make, but we had so much fun converting tin cans destined for the recycling centre into plant pots.

So simple to do, we chose to use scraps of fabric and pva glue and created all sorts of designs. We have then planted our free seeds from Yorkshire Water in them and once they have sprouted (about 15 - 21 days) Ferdie is going to take some of them to other houses in the village.

I've already picked my favourites that he isn't allowed to give away!!

If you are going to give this a go, remember to either put a few stones in the bottom of the tin or make a hole in the bottom of the tin for drainage.

Remember to share your pictures!

Angela & Ferdie x

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